Hugh Laurie

The man is simply lovely. Interviews !

  1. With Clive Anderson (Also a Cambridge graduate and a Footlights president ?) on Gun Seller and 101 Dalmatians and Stephen Fry using long words.
  2. Rather a boring interview (because the interviewers are so boringly nice!) But Hugh looks handsome. Here’s him on Bertie Wooster and others
  3. Actor’s Studio – Well, not the best interview, but not bad. He sings Mystery too. Hugh Grant’s is much better
  4. Double Act ? More Jeeves and Wooster boosting.
  5. Fry and Laurie : “We finish each others’ ..” “Sentences” “I was going to say breakfast” .  Cool interview! Hugh actually says he will write under a pseudonym if he ever does, as he did!
  6. Fry and Laurie : Wodehousian magic, literally . Great one!
  7. Hardtalk – Maybe baby
  8. God Almighty – With Clive Anderson, simply amazing when Hugh plays god
  9. Naivety and freshness with Jonathan. Great, again! You can see Hugh playing drums and on his boat race in Cambridge
  10. Poof ! – Cool !
  11. Hugh with Jonathan – years later. Haha
  12. Hugh with Graham Norton promoting his Blues Album. A funny German story and a song !
  13. The Late Late shows with Craig – simply the best. One of them
  14. Another
  15. And another

He’s been made a member of the Order of the British Empire.
Can I call you Sir Hugh ?
Thank you, you may not

His speech at the Golden Globe : here
His speech at the next Golden Globe : here
His speech at Emma Thompson’s walk of fame moment : Touching !

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