Three movies

  1. Katradhu tamil : Jeeva is magnificient. The heroine is great too. It is a beautifully shot romance at heart, with all those extra fittings and an obsession with melancholy moods. There seem to be bunch of these movies : Aval per tamilarasi starring Jai comes to mind  (Needless to say, I spent the week watching all of Jeeva’s films including several crappy ones which I still liked, and one of them seems to be a remake of Siddarth’s Aata)
  2. Siva Manasula Sakthi : Look, it’s got Jeeva and Arya appearing briefly. The heroine is also strangely pretty. The songs are crappy, but well-shot. The whole Santhanam comedy track with cellphones breaking all over the place didn’t work for me at all.. Interestingly, the director’s next film stars Arya and Jeeva appears in a brief role. Heh
  3. Luck by chance : Worth a watch. Dimple is great.
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