Mazhayethum Munpe

Scripted by Sreenivasan again. I found it beautiful, especially the ways in which the three lead characters shape this tragedy. You can empathize with all of them, for who doesn’t know how brash young love can be, the painfulness of trying to distinguish between love and sympathy or the affection for a spoilt bright child. But the ones who strike a chord most, are the fathers of the girls, each traumatized in their own way by the way fate has dealt a bad hand for their wards, but yet gentlemanly, till the end. And a nice symbolic ending, with Shruti, in her right place as the child, enfolded in the mature love of the other pair, very classic.

Just a haunting message from the film – a harsh word once spoken, can never be taken back, can it ? (I am sure I have seen a sanskrit quotation to this effect, it compares a harsh word spoken to an arrow shot) Irreparable damage is a scary thought, especially if it is caused by something as trivial as a mere word.

Wonder why the film is called “Before the rains” ..

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