Chintavishtayaya shyamala

A Sreenivasan movie , brilliantly executed once again. A simple story, about a man who shirks responsibility but is unable to shrug off the guilt associated with it, about women who never fear hard work to save their kin, about the meaning of marriage, about second chances, and about family. You are never free of responsibility, whether you choose to ignore it or abandon it by choosing the devil’s way or the holy one, you owe someone something, and you owe it to him/her for a lifetime.  That’s what raising a family comes down to, right ? A kind of debt that can never get re-payed, but which nevertheless needs never ceasing attempts and attention. And at the end of the day as in the end of the movie, a mediocre schoolmaster with a content wife and two kids just out of their daily school presents a more beautiful picture  than any person with a starlit career.

And all this heavy load of epiphany which could potentially break a film, delivered with ease, clarity simplicity and humour. Hats off !

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