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What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,
So they always say, do they not ?
Why is it different for me, I wonder,
In every trial that Time has brought.

Amidst fresh fears of failure
My old courage, find I, cannot
From Experience as a teacher
I seem never to learn but nought

What doesn’t kill you, should leave you stronger
Why then does it feel, I wonder
That every stinging blow¬†from Life’s whip
Leaves but a new hole in a sinking ship




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Drip ..
Drip drip ..
Danger a thrillin’
Drop by drop, a fillin’
With a smile sweet as honey
The crease on the cheek, a lightly

– Inspired by Gulzar’s Tap Tap in Rangoon


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Pink, you say, luv, is a girl’s colour.
The shade of blushes and cupid’s flowers
Pink, darlin’, is nought but, remember
A brilliant red, with gentle white, tempered.

The red of thirst, of unquenched desire
A passion, feeding perpetual fire
The red of wrath, of righteous anger
Bleeding from the heart pierced by a dagger.

The red of possessive jealousy,
An owner marking her territory
The red of strength, of independence
A leader asserting her feminity.

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Stitched to you thus, am I, dearest

Body and soul, that the merest

Turn, away from me, you take 

Bruises mine body as my heart breaks.

From Gulzar’s O Saathi Re in Omkaara.

Bed time reading : Installment #7

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Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 10.57.16 PM

Like a garland of flowers
Adorning the prince’s chest
A wish, to find mine way to yours
And there to forever rest

This burden of reserve, to lose
A desire, in your arms to fuse
To merge with your every breath
My life, dearest, I send, till death.

– An inspired and incomplete translation of Sirivennala’s Ra ra kumara from Govindu Anadarivadele

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“Do you see them” the little one asks me
Wiping her tear stained eyes bravely
“The monsters aren’t real, my dear”
I reply, while at me and her, they leer.

How do I will her not to give in
How do I make her fight them and win
How do I ensure she’s better than what I’ve been
My little girl, who sees the same monsters I’ve once seen